Thursday, April 10, 2008

Under the Rainbow

Hi everyone!!! I am so excited about this layout!!! I bought a perspective tutorial and decided to give the 3-D a try!!! Whooo hooo!! I still have a lot of practicing to do though....

Credits: Kit – Over the Grungy Rainbow by Amy Sumrall, Sun –Happy Doodle Dodads by Amy Sumrall, Perspective technique by Cassie Jones, cloud- April Showers by Amy Sumrall, text path by Jen Caputo

And a special thank you to Janelle (jsgus) for showing me the light…LOL



Amy said...

amazing! The shawdows are perfect, I feel like I'm wearing 3D glasses! Amazing!!!!!

Paula Parrish said...

Very cool, awesome job with the perspective on the background.
LOL Paula