Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Not So Little Brown Bag

This is for the Digi Dare #180 this week.

It just made DST GSO!!!!!!!!!


I used to work at Bloomingdale’s and they had a catch phrase for their shopping bags – “The Little Brown Bag”. Well, I love brown bags but I prefer brown purses to brown shopping bags. I have a very eclectic style but when it comes to my bag, I like it to be stylish yet comfortable and big enough to carry all my stuff without being too heavy. As a mom, photographer and digi scrapper, you never know what you will need when you are away from home. So this is what I always carry with me….in my not so little brown bag. Some is practical and some is pretty crazy unless you dig scrap and then you’d understand.

I have my wallet, sunglasses, regular glasses and makeup. But I also carry my Canon Powershot, my portable EHD, (ya never know when you need to download and unzip files sneakily when you are at work)… and I have my beloved iPhone so I can chat on my CT forums, check out DST and search contests in addition to texting and making typical phone calls. I love my bag and everything in it!!!!!

Credits: Art Dolls by Holliwood Designs, Balance by Dawn Inskip, C'est Chic Boutique by Laura Deacetis, Desk Mess by Holliwood Designs, Cocktail Hour By Christina Renee, Powderpuff by Studio Maya, Sweet Cherry by Pavlinka Designs, Tendr Escale by Kalina, Ethan Kitan by Carena Designs, Refresh by Scrap Girls, It's a Men's Thing by Efies, alpha is re-colored from Sing Sing a Song an SUTUCS kit, font is CK handprint, Love Me Forever by Sweet Blossom Designs, Over the Grungy Rainbow by Amy Sumrall, Dear Diary by Chaos Lounge, Musi Colors – Shabby Pickle Collab, Music by Pavlinka Designs, Retail Therapy by MKDesigns