Thursday, August 26, 2010

Am I Pretty

Art Journal Caravan #32

7 Deadly Sins Challenge at Deviant Scraps ~~ ENVY

Credits: Sim by Rebecca McMeen , fonts NeoPrint M319 , Occidental and sf Scribbled

Journaling: I spend too much time worrying about how I look. I don’t have the girlish figure anymore since having two children and I find myself always envious of skinny girls. I wish I could just be happy with my body, look the way I used to and not put so much thought into it all the time. I’m not saying that I am overweight but I am not where I want to be in terms of being content with my figure shape. I can’t exercise like I used to due to a couple of car accidents along the way but maybe down the road I can make some adjustments and just get out there and take it one day at a time and be happy with myself!! That would be a great feeling!