Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Take My Breath Away ~~ Made GSO at DST today!!

Credits: Just a Boy by Boutique Cute Dolls , fonts are MTF Skinny Jeans, MTF XOXOvo2.1, MTF Whimsy, MTF Sweet Cheeks, NeoRetroDraw and MTF Wulan

Journaling: When I look at your darling face I can’t help but wonder what you will be like as a teenage boy...will you like skate-boarding, hard metal music like your momma, will you be into baseball or football? Or will you take after your daddy and like Nascar? Perhaps you will be creative like me and will want to be a graphic designer or artist…. I know you already have a comical personality like your sister and you have an amazing knack for making us laugh! I bet that will be a big hit with all the girlfriends I know will be chasing after you! Boy I had better be prepared! What fun journey it is going to be watching you go through life and tackle all its adventures!