Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crisp Autumn

Credits: Golden Autumn by Pink Lotty Designs and template is You Complete Me Collab by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs and Fizzy Pop , photo action is Creamy Chocolate B&W by Coffee Tea Photography, Charmed alpha by Ashley Olson, font is CK_Alis_Writing

Journaling: My favorite time of the year is fall and now that we live in Florida, I find that I miss it more and more with each year passing. You were born in Florida so you never have had the chance to see how beautiful the changing of the seasons really is. Fall is especially the most beautiful even though most of nature is dying at the time, only to be reborn in the Spring. The air is crisp; the leaves on the trees are bold shades of red, gold and bronze. There is a softness to the season even though it tends to be colder as people with snuggle up close to stay warm, perhaps near a fire or next to each other on a sofa with a warm fuzzy blanket, drinking hot chocolate and maybe even roasting marshmellows. Someday I will take you back up to New York to experience this season so you can fall in love with this time of the year as I did.