Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm a Misfit

AJC #2 Accept

Credits: Misfit by Viva Artistry, Alpha: What Alice Saw There by Viva Artistry, Fuss Free Tiny Bubbles by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs, font is Loved by The King

Journaling: I am a misfit! Well let me explain….I am very eclectic, I don’t stick to one thing exactly. I get bored easily and always need to challenge myself. I find I bounce from thought to thought, idea or hobby, what I like or dislike. I change my mind all the time and don’t care that I am a bit scattered. Why is this a misfit you say? Well I consider myself one because I don’t conform to the standards or follow the rules although it may appear that I do and I am loud and proud to call myself one!