Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sushi Lover~~ Made GSO Finger Pointing Blog!!!

AJC #36
Also as seen in the November issue of the Artisian Notebook Digi magazine
Credits: AN Template for November issue, Roll With It by Nikki Beaudreau, font is Walkway SemiBold
Journaling: I just love sushi! Plain and simple...I actually love a lot of different types of foods and enjoy trying new ones too. But nothing gets me like sushi! I am addicted to the sauces, the rice, the seaweed and the ambiance. My favorites are Ahi Tuna, spicy tuna and the Hot Lava Roll. But my all time, ultimate, to die for, is eel! It’s one that can’t be served raw but it truly is the best! I get so excited when I go because it isn’t very often since no one in my family likes it but me. So when I go with my girlfriends for Sushi Night, we end up ordering so many different kinds to mix and share. It is heaven in my mouth…hee hee!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it…..think I need to go make some calls and gets the girls together for our fix!!!