Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calling All The Monsters

My daughter just loves the new song by China called Calling All The Monsters and I have to admit I love it too. She even gets her little brother to sing along with her.

Credits: Creepy Gears by Viva Artistry, fonts are Just Another Font, Nail Scratch, Kolkata Hotelroom, Spooky Tree and "Halloween" word art strip by Cinzia LoosemoreLink Tales of the Night



Anonymous said...

funny, I like China too...but often think what kind of life these kids (in show bizz at an early age) have... anyway, I came looking for your store, and I went through 3 Lilacs in Bloom blogs before I found you! LOL
I didnt up not shoppinmg on your sale, as I was not well at all...so I m gonna go shopping now :)
Huge hugggzzz